Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh Baby!!!!

Hi everyone! My name name iiiissss.....well....I don't know what my name is yet! I do know right now I'm known as Baby Ratliff on the website for Target. My aunt Stacy calls me piglet, my big brother Codey calls me hopeful little baby brother, mommy calls me her little sweet pea and daddy calls me his hopeful little girl "Gracie". So right now he he he he, I'm confusing everyone because I'm not telling yet if I'm a boy or girl. Mommy and Daddy get to find out though from the doctor on the ultrasound April 24th so for now, I will keep them guessing. Stay tuned and they will let you know. As for me, I guess I could tell you what it's like in here. Hmm, well for starters, I am 12 weeks old right now. My little fingers and toes are just finishing up forming and by the middle of next week, my fingernails and toenails will be done forming. I'm working really hard at growing my bones. My spine is already formed! My little heart also beats at like 100 beats a minute. I gots to get the blood working! I also do a wonderful job keeping mommy tired and hungry! It's a lot of work for little ol' me to be doing so I need some food! Right now, it's really warm in mommy's tummy since I like to tell her body to keep things warm for me. It makes the growing process much nicer. My little eye lids are done forming and I only have 6 months before you can meet me in person. Right now, I like to have mommy eat really tasty stuff. So far she likes hard tacos, burritos, BLT sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, hard fried eggs on toast, pineapples, honeydew melons and my favorite....Orange Crush Pop which is caffeine free.  So daddy keeps busy getting mommy what she needs. Boy he sure does love her a lot! Today, mommy and daddy went to the doctor to spy on me! Can you believe that?!?!? Sheesh! Can't I grow in privacy! Well, the doctor put my cute little face up on the ultrasound machine and I let them get a few good looks. Of course I had to behave so the doc could look at me and let mommy and daddy know I am healthy, cute and growing very well. But pretend you're me, could you hold still for that amount of time? Um no! I've got growing to do and I'm very modest about it, so I squirmed around and they thought that was cute too and kept looking at me! Finally, the doc said I was all clear to go so she stopped the machine. Thank goodness! At least mommy and daddy were able to have a few print outs of me to share with all of you. Think of it as my gift to you! I know, I know, I've done too much. Please, stop the applause, I do what I can. Ok seriously, I look awesome, no defects-just perfection, and according to the doctor, I am scheduled to arrive in the world near you on September 10th. I don't know if I want to show up on time exactly....Mommy and daddy think it will be more like September 14th but, we'll see. I'm just going to keep you all guessing. For now at least you can look at my cuteness and count the days till you get to see me. All my love from mommy's tummy - Me.
P.S. The pictures are here below. I will let you know what you are looking at. 

Ok the top round thing in the black hole...that's my head. The oval thing diagonal left below my head is my body. The little round thing directly below it is my cute little bum. Then you can see my leg coming from that and the little foot of mine at the very bottom. Yep I'm adorable! Ok if you still can't tell look at it like I'm hunched over but walking in mommy's tummy. You'll see my foot flat on the bottom of the black hole there and you can look at me upwards. My leg, my bum, my body and my head. Get it? If not, call mommy and she can explain it to you. This was the best picture I could give mommy and daddy so enjoy!

Ok this is me upside down. The round curve at the upper right is my bum (again) then the oval thing is my body and the big round blob at the bottom left diagonal is my big head. I'm gonna be smart! My brain is huge!

Only this many more days!

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