Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Under Construction!!!

Hey everyone!
I thought I would give you an update on what I'm doing and how mommy and daddy are doing. Let's start with the easy! I am getting big and fast! The room in my temporary home is getting smaller by the day. So I decided to make some modifications to my home. I decided to make mommy bigger so I would have more room. The new expansion is a move outward on mommy's belly but I'm sure she doesn't mind. She found that she needed to go and get more clothes. So being the wonderful daddy that he is, he took mommy to kohls to get her some new bigger-belly-duds. To her suprise (and I swear I didn't know this before I made the expansion) there aren't many maternaty clothes to pick from that fit her. She can't help it that she's short. At a small 5'1'' most of the pants were too long on her and the shirts looked like night shirts. But never fear, mommy always has a plan B. She went to the petite section and just got wider clothes. She's been wearing her new stuff for about a week and it seems to be working for her. Although I can't tell you how she looks I can tell you I keep hearing her say, yeah, that looks real nice. Plus along the way I hear other people comment that they like her new mommy look. I guess she looks good. I'll let you know for sure my opinion when I see her from the outside in September. Anyhoo, with the expansion mommy is more and more uncomfortable. Sorry mommy! She keeps asking daddy to get her stuff if she drops it because it's harder for her to bend over. He takes such good care of her. I can't wait to meet this way nice guy!
So you must be wondering, if I'm growing what exactly am I doing in here? Good question. And I have a good answer. This week mommy is 15 weeks pregnant with me so here's what I'm doing this week according to doctors who say this is what babies do at 15 weeks. I'm not telling for sure if I'm doing this but I thought it would give you a good idea of what's going on. Apparently I'm barely 4 inches long and just shy of 2 ounces. By the end of this week, I should be able to form a fist with my wee little hands. The better to punch mommy with! I mean, the better to flex my Arnold Schwartzeneger muscles with......I guess I also have some hair "sprouting" from my head too. I'm sure I'll still be bald as a cue ball when I get there. Ooo you'll like this, my eyebrows are starting to form too! Now on the ultrasound you will be able to tell if I have a mad, sad or happy face. Or you'll just see the same blob. At least at the next ultrasound (April 24th or so) I will tell mommy, daddy and the doctor if I'm a boy or girl.
Let's see what else is going on...Oh, you know that cute baby peach fuzz that is all over baby's that protects their skin? I'm getting that installed this week too. From the sounds of it, I'm a hairy little beastie but I'm sure I'm still cute. I know I'm cute because my body is FINALLY growing in proportion to my ginormous head. Now I don't look like a weirdo I look a little more normal. I'm also pumping a lot of blood here lately, about 25 quarts, a day. This is why mommy has headaches now. Too much blood to her head. Speaking of mommy's head, I seem to have done something else to her. And while I can't exactly see what's going on, I hear her crying to daddy about her face looking like it's coming off! Yuck! I guess she said her face is very oily but it's peeling like it's been dried in a desert. Hormones maybe? Lucky for her, daddy is a very well trained EMT guy and knower of medicines. He gave her some Cortizone cream and it seems to have done the trick. Um let's see....oh yea, my skeleton is continuing to be built too.
With all this installing, building and expansion going on it's just one big construction zone. It even sounds like one in mommy's tummy. I need mommy to buy me an orange barrel and put it in my room heheheh. That is what Ohio is best known for the Orange Barrels of construction. Oh no wait. This is more funny. Mommy needs a maternaty shirt with a big orange barrel on it that says "Under Construction" hehehehe. I crack my self up!

Well, I guess that's what's going on. I'll talk more later...back to work on my construction!
Love - Baby

Only this many more days!

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