Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where does the time go???

Wow, it's been since August since I've been on here for an update!!! There is just so much that we do I plain forget about this place :( Well, good this it's January 4th. That means there is still time to get a resolution made - update blog weekly :) There you have it folks. Each Monday I plan to post goodies from the week/end and fill you in on our crazyness in case you're interested lol!

My first order of business...I'd like to introduce you to Jr. Yep, we are expecting another addition to our family on June 7th my birthday! Jr is our nickname for the baby even though we aren't sure what it's going to be yet. Jr works either way I think because Gracie is a mini-me of myself so if it's a girl, it would probably be more of the same. If it's a boy, obviously Jr. works because I would hope it would be a cute-pie little version of Kev. Junior it is...for now.

We get to find out the official gender on Monday the 10th. My dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! I thought that would be a nice b-day present. I just have to get through 6 more days. 5pm is my apt so I'm going to be an anxious wreck next Monday through work.

We have names picked out and mostly settled on. Kev says that since I'm the momma I get final say so I like that. I told him that if it's a boy, he could name it but again I like having final say lol! He came up with Eli Allen Ratliff. Me likey - ALOT! Eli means a lot of things but it's most litteral translation is "My God". My God can be taken so many ways in my life. Eli is also the priest that raised Samuel in the temple after Hannah begged God for a baby. He taught Samuel to listen to God's still small voice and most importantly - respond. Just an awesome story. All in all, for me and what God has done in my life, it just fits so perfectly if it's a boy.

If it's a girl Kevin actually has been on my case about Gabriella Faith Ratliff. Gabby and Gracie...too cute! He LOVES Gabby so since I have finalized Eli for a boy I told Kev that Gabby could be his naming of the girl since I picked both middle names :) For the record, if it's a girl, I plan on nick naming her Bri as well as Gabby. Can't help it. Gracie is Gracie's middle name/nick name I also call her Gracelyn. 2 nick names is how I roll lol!

I've also seemed to have started showing. What the world was my first thought before it was interrupted by Kev..."Hey! You're showing! Cool! But, you need to get bigger." Seriously??? Bigger? I didn't start showing with Gracie till I was 5 months pregnant and right now I'm 18 weeks. I'm 2 weeks away from my halfway point. Does this mean I'm going to be GIANT by the end? Oh man. Trust me, I'm very proud of my baby bump but when it's this early, I don't really want to be wearing materity stuff yet. Now, I will admit that the stretch belly jeans already made their debut like at Thanksgiving but it's because I'm all about comfort. Stretchy stuff is so nice :) Then I knew I was showing for real when up in the choir my friend was like "Woah Audrea! You're like, showing!" Yeah, I just popped right out.

The only think I'm confused about is that I'm pregnant and I have only gained 5 lbs but gee wiz my belly's bigger. Then when I'm not pregnant, I can eat 1 burrito and BAM! There goes 10 lbs and just a tiny belly growth. How does that happen? Weird.

In other news - We are in the midst of getting the basement finished so that Codey has a room down there away from little kids. He's in love with that. Just a couple sofets to build, a couple custom doors to do, a last coat of mud, sanding, painting then carpet. Weew! That's just the basement. Kev and I talked and we'd really like to just paint the whole house before the little one gets here then we could just be done with most everything. I am SO hoping that spring comes early so we can have the windows open when we paint. I have the colors picked out so that helps. Just 2 to be precise...unless we find out we're having a girl. Then I'm in trouble. I have to pick out a color for the baby's room. See if it's a boy, it'll be tan. Easy peasy. Can't really do tan in a baby girls room. We'll see I guess.

Just a lot to get done in the next 4 months. I don't want to do painting in the month of May so that the house can air out.

Also! Codey just earned his varsity letter as a Sophomore in marching band. I'm so proud of him. We go this coming Saturday to get his letter jacket done :) His grades are doing great too! Can't ask for a better teen! Alyssa is a Senior and almost done with high school. She's got a serious case of Senior-itis but who can blame her? She also got her Senior pics done so I'll have to post some soon!

Well, that's all for now folks. Till next Monday :)

Only this many more days!

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