Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Appointment

Guess who this is? Ok, you probably don’t have to guess who this is reporting more stuff to ya. It’s me baby Ratliff. Well, a LOT has been going on with me lately. Now I am almost 6 inches long (crown to rump) and I weigh a couple ounces. But that is all changing by the day! I get bigger by the week and so does mommy! In my growth, mommy can now feel when I’m awake. I’ve been stretching out and around and she can feel it. So since I’m up, she decided that I should probably give an update. By now in my development, I am looking more like a mini version of mommy or daddy or a combination of both. This week the bones in my ears will finish developing so I can start hearing things. So if you come across mommy and it looks like she’s talking to no one, she’s actually talking me.
Last Thursday mommy had a baby check up visit with the doctor and all is going well. The nurse let mommy record my heart beat AGAIN! She said it was a very nice and strong one. Just let that be a warning to ya’ll, I’m strong buddy and I can kick some rear-end! Mainly mommy’s right now as I poke, jab, kick and punch her through the day. Today, I started giving hard movements so, she’s got a ways before I stop hehehehe. So, after the heartbeat was checked out, the doc came in and did a check up on me. She had to gently push mommy’s tummy around to see how big it’s all getting in here. Can’t she see by mommy’s bigger tummy that I’m doing just fine? No, of course not so she had to prod me as I’m trying to get my beauty sleep. Well, at least it didn’t last long. Since everything is going well, mommy will go back to the doctor with daddy on April 24th and they will do another check up and this time, they will do THE ultrasound. The one you’ve all been waiting for. The big ta doo, the big cheese, the whole enchilada…..the…finding out what I am picture show! That’s all if I decide to corporate hehehe. Mommy and Daddy think I’m a girl. So does Aunt Stacy and Aunt Cadie…Though Aunt Cadie only wants me to be a girl because she is crocheting a blanket and it has pinks a purples in it. At least you won’t have to wait long to find out! Only 17 more days left! Can you handle the pressure? The anticipation? The MADNESS?!?!?! Ok, I was just kidding about the last part….
In other baby news….My room is coming along quite nicely. Uncle Derek and Aunt Dina were so very thoughtful and nice and gave us cousin Layla’s old dresser for my room. It’s so totally cool! Mommy has her comfy chair in there and they are going to pick me out a crib and changing table next weekend. Today though, mommy will be taping off the base boards and trim in my room so she can paint it in the next few days. ***NOTE*** DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE PAINTING AND MOMMY!!! As long as she has both windows open with the fan going full blast and obviously the door open, she will be fine around the fumes. It’s not an entirely he room anyway and it will be done in no time. To decorate my room totally cool, mommy is buying some blank pre-framed stretched canvas and will be putting some cool art on it to decorate my room with. She’s so creative! Then I think at some point over the next couple months, mommy and Aunt Stacy and cousin Meghan and Abby will go to IKEA to get me some way cool stuff for my room.
I guess that’s really all for now….I’m getting sleepy….Talk more later….

Only this many more days!

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