Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Shower

Hi all! This is Audrea!

I want to take the time to thank my mother in law Patty and sister in law Dina for a WONDERFUL baby shower last weekend. They had a baby shower for me and Gracie on August 19th and it was the nicest shower ever! They had fun games like Baby Bingo, What's in the diaper (different melted chocolates squished in diapers), Name that Food (What baby food is in the jar) and Nursery Rhyme Game (Little Jack Horner ate what pie?). There were great prizes like gift certificates and people were in a special drawing for a gift card if they brought diapers or a Dr. Seuss book. Before the party started, Patty and Dina came over and decorated so nicely! It was in my Dr. Seuss theme colors (bright blue, red, yellow, green and orange). They had banners in the hall on the front door and in the kitchen. It was so nice of them to go to so much effort! I had a wonderful time and so did Gracie! She bounced around in my tummy the WHOLE time :o) Then for food we had sandwhiches, chips and bean dip (yum) veges, pasta salad and Patty's famous punch. They even had my favorite sandwhiches, ham and swiss on wheat! They thought of everything! Then the cake was just beautiful! It was chocolate and white with the whipped icing! My favorite! I am attaching some pics of the party.
I want to say thank you to all who came to my shower! I am trying to get thank you's out the door but I wanted to mention you all on here so you didn't think I forgot to say THANKS!!! You all mean the world to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL of the wonderful gifts. I am having so much fun putting them all away in her room. This was the best thing ever.
And in no perfect order I want to say Thank you to :
Patty and Dina for the shower!!!!!
Aunt Diane
Grandma Caines
And the kids! (Alyssa, Codey, Abby, Meghan, Talyor and Hunter)
All of you made my day so great. Words will never convey just how thankful I am.

Only this many more days!

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