Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm Back!

Huh? What's going on......"yawn"......So sleepy......huh?.....I got to wake up for a come? tell everyone about my big day today?.....But mommy I'm tired......ok, I'll get up and tell everyone what happened at your appointment today. But then I'm going back to sleep!......
Hi everyone! It's me...the cute, adorable, precious, wonderful, stupendous, fabulous, (ok I'll stop)!!!! I'm back to give you more news! Ok so today mommy had another appointment to see the doctor. Today she had her blood taken to check her sugar levels and some other high tech stuff. Ouch! Poor mommy. She must love me a whole lot to get stuck with a big ol' needle just for me :o) She was a good girl though and didn't even cry. Too bad she didn't get a sucker. So after her blood was taken they took her to a room and let her know some stuff about different tests that were optional. She said she didn't want to take them because even if something is wrong with me she would be keeping me anyways. I love my mommy! Then the nice lady said that she needed to check my heartbeat. Mommy was confused because they just took my pictures last week and said I look good. But I guess this time they didn't want to take my picture they just wanted to listen to me. Whew! I escaped being spied on again! That was very nice. So, the lady used this "Doppler" thingy to listen to my heartbeat. I wonder if it has any relation to the "Doppler radar" the weather guy uses to forecast the weather? Anyhoo, they could hear me alright! I was just a tickin' away! My heat is beating at 160 beats per minute. The nice nurse told mommy that it was a healthy average heartbeat. Yeay me! I'm so good. Even before I come out into the big bright world I am already being good for my mommy. I'm so cute and great. Oh yea, mommy and daddy say Hi and they love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. Are you done guys? You are? Ok good. Now, where was I? Oh yea, so mommy was really excited that she got to hear my heart beating but she was sad because daddy couldn't be with her at this appointment. He thought it would be just blood taken so he stayed at work. So mommy got this really brilliant idea. (I get my smarts from her) She asked the nurse if she could record my heartbeat for daddy and all of you to hear on her cell phone. She is so smart! The nice nurse said yes. Yeay! Isn't technology great? The nurse gave mommy her purse since she was laying down, and mommy got out her cell phone and recorded a good length of audio of my heart beating. After the nice nurse was done a consultant nurse came in to talk to mommy about the basics. What she can and can't eat, what she can and can't take for medicine. All that nice stuff. But the biggest most important question mommy had the nice consultant nurse answered first. Her question was, would I escape out on her again and leaver mommy and daddy hanging? The nurse said.....probably not. Mommy is 2 days away from starting her 2nd trimester that all my games wouldn't fly anymore. Basically, mommy had less than a 10% chance of me escaping in miscarriage. The nurse said mommy and daddy could take a sigh of relief and start planning for a certain future with me in the picture! Whoo hoo! So it's pretty much official that I'm coming and there's nothing ya'll can do about it hee hee hee. Not that you would of course because I'm cute and adorable etc etc etc. So that's that. Now, mommy said she would get on here and try to do the technical part of attaching a sound clip so you guys can her what I sound like so far. Here mommy......"yawn".....I'm going back to sleep....I love you all.. till next time!....."snore"

Hey all! It's Audrea. Here's the video clip. 
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Only this many more days!

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