Monday, January 25, 2010

Bowlin, bowlin, bowlin. Keep them doggies...


2 weeks ago, Kev had this brilliant idea. Let's take Gracie out bowling for the 1st time. Who was I to say no? I LOVE bowling! I'm really not good at it but, who cares. I get to fling a ball as hard as I can to 12 (I think) pins down a slick alley. What could be better??? My parents never let me throw stuff in the house and now that I have a house of my own, the rule kind of stuck, and makes tons of stuff. So when Kev said let's go hurl balls down a lane I was all for it!

The place we decided to go to was this new-ish place out east. It's about a 40 minute drive from our house but totally worth it. We discovered this place when we went to it for our work Christmas party. When we got there, we fell in love with it. It's not super huge but it's got lots in there to keep a family, especially of mixed ages like mine, happy. There's mini-bowling, big people (regular) bowling, a Wii room, archade and restaurant-like place. Having 2 teenagers with me some weekends being a combination of either Codey and Adele or Codey and my niece Adele, then on top of that a very explorative 1 1/2 year old along with me and Kev I need something with that kind of range of options.

Last Saturday comes and Kev is up and at em. He was determined for us to get there right when it opened. I got out of bed got myself together and went to get the little big girl up. She was in a great mood. Yay! I decided to put her in her little shirt dress that's gray with different color poka-dots and then bright purple tights. I thought it would be easier for her to move around. I didn't realize that it would match all of the different colored bowling balls they have at the alley. It was like her little outfit was a bowling alley outfit. My dad got it for her for Christmas and she loves it!

After Gracie was up and moving around, it was Codey and Adele's turn to get ready. For being teenagers, they did a great job getting done on time. It was 10am and we were out the door. Yippee! As we were pulling out of the driveway I did a quick check off of stuff we'd need. Camera-check. Diaper bag-check. Food for miniature version of me-check. We were set to go. 40 minutes later we pulled in the parking lot and it was packed!!! Why did so many other people have to have the same great idea as me? It wasn't like I advertised it on channel 4. Kev goes in and was beat to the mini bowling. Nuts! All the big people bowling was packed too! We were so dissapointed. But, being full of the great ideas he is, Kev suggests we do a little shopping at Sam's club for non-perishable stuff then come back in a hour. Great idea!!! We did and by noon the place was empty! We rushed in and got a big people lane. They even had little bowling shoes that were Gracie's size!!! Another plus was that they had a ramp for her to push her ball down so that she could have enough momentum to knock pins down. She is now addicted to bowling. We got her a pink 5 lb ball and she had to have Mommy hold her and her ball when it wasn't her turn. Then she wanted to play with everyone else's psycadelic colored balls.

When it was her turn Kev and I would take turns holding her up so she could push the ball down the ramp. She was rather good at it too! Then as the ball chugged down the lane she would shout "Bye Ball!!!!" really loud so the whole place could be included in her joy of the ball going down the lane. Too cute.

In fact it was so cute that Kev and I let her bowl for us too. Codey and Adele had a great time as well.

They weren't super stars at bowling but they did relish in the fact that they could at least get 1 pin knocked down. After our hour of bowling it was pizza time. Gracie's favorite food. I don't know how it became her favorite but she will get super mad if you're eating it and she is not. Especially since she has to eat everything that Mommy eats. Down to the exact piece of food. Can she live with her own piece of pizza? Nope. She has to eat off from Mommy's. Not bad as she doesn't leave slobber behind. She's mastered the whole bite off a bite cleanly part of eating pizza. The part that I am not really fond of is when wants MY drink. Ick. The good news is, I order a 2 waters and she can't tell since they look the same that she has her own. Hee hee. Sorry Gracie but drinking after little slobber baby's isn't at the top of my list of things to do. Now, if I have to and we are out where there is no other option, yes I can do it. It's an ability that most Mommy's are born with.

**Note** Mommies are born. Yep. We have a birthday too! It's our baby's birthday. So, to all you mom's out there, you have 2 birthdays. Your birthday as a normal person. And a birthday for your super human side. The Mommy birthday. Please be sure to remind your hubby's of this as at least getting flower's on your baby's birthday would be nice. It's a good reminder to them of all that you went through to bring them a little bundle of joy to play with.

***Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast***

With our bellies full of glorious pizza and pop (water for me and my short one) and all of our energy spent wirling around the house, grocery shopping and bowling we were spent. It was time to go home.

It was the best 1st day of bowling anyone could have ever hoped for. Here are some more pictures from our bowling adventure. Enjoy!

Till next time....

Only this many more days!

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