Friday, June 26, 2009

Recent Pics

Gracie was really tired after the parade.

There he goes!

He's such a good drummer boy : )

Codey marching

Mamaw & Papaw Ratliff and Gracie

Alyssa, Gracie and Alyssa's bf-Brandon

Codey's parade.

More from my birthday.

My Birthday!!!

Silly water baby!

Gracie on the way to Mamaw and Papaws house

Zoo time. Gracie with her daddy looking at fishes.

Kevin's 1st time havn Dip-n-Dots. At the zoo

Big Girl

Family update for June:

Gracie is getting to be a big girl. As of today, she has 6 teeth!!! When ever she opens her mouth, the Jaws tune pops in my head! Duh nuh....duh nuh....duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh, da!!! She can crawl at lightening speed and pull her self up to stand. She thinks she can just take off walking so she will try to slide off from our laps. Silly girl. She is miss chatter box too. Gracie loves to talk and sing. When she does talk and sing, she is very good at mimicing the sounds just not announciating them. I have a feeling she'll be talking in real english very soon. For now, we can make out Mama, Dada, Mamaw and Baba.

Codey had his first parade June 13th in Commercial Point. Our little town had it's "home coming" festival so his high school marching band paraded through the tiny town. Codey is the ONLY 8th grader to make it on the snare line for parades now that he'll be in high school. High school....the sound of those 2 words makes me feel old. Annnnnd I'm only 26! I can't believe how big Alyssa and Codey are getting. I was remembering the other day that I first met Kevin when I was 19. Wow. We didn't get together till I was 23 and we got married when I was 24. Time flys. I met Codey and Alyssa when Codey was 10 and Alyssa was 12. Noooow, they are 14 and 16. This year they will turn 15 and 17. Yikes!!!

Kevin and I are doing well. We celebrated our birthday's in April and June. Not much fan fare but we had nice family get togethers. We go to the zoo often and enjoy the life the Lord has so richly blessed us with. We know we were meant to be together. I couldn't imagine my life without Kevin, Alyssa and Codey.

Well, enough memory lane for now. I'll post some pics in a minute. Enjoy and God bless!!!

Only this many more days!

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