Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello Again from the belly!

Hey Guys! 

Gracie here with another update form the belly. For starters, it is getting c-r-a-m-p-e-d in here! I try to remodel in here weekly but there just isn't enough room. Mommy gets bigger but then so do I and space is getting limited. I guess that's good because that means I'm getting bigger. And me getting bigger means it's getting closer to my big debut! Right now, I am 28 weeks big in mommy's tummy. That means that I am about 2 1/2 lbs and about (this is a rough guess) 15 inches head to toe. That's right...Now I get to be measured head to toe not just to my rump. With my weight gain mommy feels me moving a whole lot more. What her and daddy like to do is for her to semi lay on her back and put the remote on her belly and watch me kick it. For some reason they get enjoyment out of this. People are sure weird. 
So today was mommy's check up. This one was especially important if I want to have any more brother's and sister's. Mommy is RH negative which means that her white blood cells don't like it if a baby is RH positive (which I could be). If a baby is RH positive, mommy's white blood cells react to it and try to attack it because they think it's a bad thing. Well, it won't be a problem for me because they don't attack a first pregnancy. But they remember and if my future brother or sister happens to be a positive, then it would be in jeopardy. So doctors developed this shot to give mommies at 28 weeks to help their white blood cells not to do this. Unfortunately, mommy needed this shot and now is in pain. Poor mommy. She's such a trooper. Ok, well on to happier stuff from the check up. Because we'll be talking about me! So, about me, I am doing very well and my heartbeat is 150. They decided to try to listen again and I wasn't too thrilled with someone poking on mommy's belly. It just feels like my world is being invaded! Well anyway, every time they put the wand on mommy's belly to listen to me, I kicked it away. I thought they would get the point but they didn't. I kicked it a second time and they still kept at it. I even tried moving and they found me again!!!! They are definitely not respecters of people's privacy! Well, I gave up and sat still for a minute and they heard what they needed to I guess because as quickly as it started, it stopped. Wew! It's annoying but I must say it becomes kind of fun at times just to move around and make them look for me. Like an Easter egg hunt. Lots has been going on since last time I was on here and it's all about me - still!!! Daddy and Uncle Derek and Tom went to a garage sale and found a stroller/car seat combo that was practically brand new and got it for me. It's black and purple. It was only $30!!! Then Daddy found a pac and play for me and a lamp and a shelf and a boppy pillow. The guys did so good! Then Mamaw and Papaw Ratliff gave money to Mommy and Daddy because they didn't know what to get me that Mommy and Daddy still needed so Mommy and Daddy went shopping. They got a video monitor, a bassinet pac and play and some bottles for me. The video monitor thing is really neat. It has night vision and plugs into the tv! Mommy, Daddy and Codey stayed up till 10:30 pm taking turns making faces in the camera while the other 2 would watch the tv. They had a bunch of fun. I'm not sure why making faces is funny but I guess I could try it. I know when I finally get there you all will be making funny faces at me. Weird. Anyhoo, then Mamaw Ratliff found some cool onesies for me. They say neat things like, I love my Mommy and she loves me, If mom says no - ask grandma, Daddy's Princess, I love Jesus. They are soooo cool! I can't wait to wear them! 
Well, I guess that's about all. Daddy's calling Mommy to dinner so I guess I gots to go. He made spaghetti and Mommy LOVES spaghetti so she's dragging me away from the computer. She says she'll put more pictures on here later. 
I can't wait to see you guys!!!! I am so excited to get here and meet all the people Mommy and Daddy have been telling me about. You sound so fascinating...I mean cool! Talk to you later.

Only this many more days!

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