Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dr. Apt

Hey it's Eli again!

Well, yesterday was a check up of Mommy's to see how I'm growing. The doctor came in the room remembering my name and asked Mommy and Daddy, "So, how's Eli doing?". Mommy and Daddy thought that was just the coolest thing. According to the doc I'm really doing well. I am on schedule and my heartbeat is 145bpm. My big sister Gracie's was between 150 and 155 so Mommy thinks I'll be more relaxed than Gracie is.

The doc asked Mommy if she could feel me moving around and she said yes. I do move a lot now. I'm practicing for when I make my big entrance. I'll be mad that I'm not in a warm place so I'll flail my arms, scream wildly and then hopefully, someone will swaddle me up and give me to Mommy. So, until then, I practice. Mommy can also feel me moving more because I am taking up more room in her belly. She can never get comfortable but I hear her always say, "It's TOTALLY worth it." I'm so glad she doesn't mind so much and loves me even more!

Speaking of belly...Last night my big sister Gracie was hanging out on the couch with Mommy before bed when she looked up at Mommy and said, "No more binkys?" Mommy said, "Nope. They are all gone. There are no more around the house.". Gracie sat up and said, "E-i need one!" Mommy laughed and said, "Sure, we'll buy him his own but you can't take it from him." Gracie said, "No. I won't. He need to suck on it." Mommy said, "Well, if you think he needs one." So Gracie pulled up Mommy's shirt enough to see her belly and yelled at me, "You need one E-i??? You need binky??? E-i??" Well, I would have liked to have told her sure but there are a couple problems with that. 1. I can't talk yet. 2. I'm not entirely sure what a binky is. From what I can tell, you suck on it. We'll see I guess.

So in addition to Gracie everyday reminding Mommy, Daddy, Mamaw and Papaw Ratliff that I need Big Toys, a blanket, diapers, wipes, a broom, clothes, and a stuffed animal, she has now added binky to that list. Well, at least I can tell she loves me lots and that's what matters most :)

Well, Mommy said I have to be going now. I guess I'll talk more to you later!

Love - Eli

Only this many more days!

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