Monday, August 23, 2010

It's been a long time. Too long...

But I'm back and boy do I have a super way to kick off my come back!

Kara at is hosting only the most super-de-duper giveaway on the planet! A Sillhouette! The funnest, craftyest, coolest most useful tool you will even find! It slices, it dices, it...well, it might not slice and dice but I'll tell ya real quick what it does do. In the wonderful words of Kara (per her website where this lovely is featured) "It's a little machine that hooks up to your computer and cuts out the shapes and letters that you tell it to! All you need is a computer, the machine and the cords! Easy peasy! There are SO many things you can make with this bad boy!!!..."

You can cut vinyl, you can cut stuff out for heat transfers, use it to help create stellar paper crafts for your party or shower, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

You need to go to for full details on how to enter chances to win. Full details are listed on her site!

Come on down people and enter for a chance to win today!!!

I'll post more stuff about me tomorrow as I want the focus of this post to be on the AWESOME chance at a Sillhouette :)

Only this many more days!

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