Friday, July 11, 2008

July Update

Guess who this is? Well, by now you shouldn't have to guess, it's me Shannon! Or as my daddy calls me Gracie. I thought I would write up an update as to what's going on in here. For one, I am quickly running out of room. Right now, mommy is in her 32nd week! Being that I am now just about 4lbs and about 17 inches long, there's no where to go but down. Head down that is. This week I think I'll go ahead and get ready and move so my head is pointing down. There isn't enough room to do summersaults any more so the only real place my noggin will fit is if I turn upside down. I've been working on this very well actually. The only thing is that when I am in this position, I like to still stretch my legs as much as I can. Unfortunately, mommy's ribs are in my way. So, I start flicking my feet around to see if I can find some spot to lodge my feet. Last time I did this, I guess mommy was sleeping and I woke her up. Sorry mommy. Anyways, I am on a good schedule right now but I'm sure it will change when I get out of here. For now, I wake up with the alarm clock daddy has set for them to wake up to every morning. This morning was NOT a morning that I wanted to wake up. Then all of a sudden my beauty sleep was interrupted by daddy's Charlie Brown Song. I was NOT happy. I thought I could poke mommy and she could then poke daddy and he could poke the snooze button and guess what? It worked! However, I am learning that "snooze" means close your eyes for 2 seconds then the alarm will go off again. And it did. So, I thought maybe if I poke mommy again, she could poke daddy again and maybe he'd miss the snooze and just turn off the alarm. No such luck. I poked mommy, she got sick, went to the bathroom and there I was being jumbled around like scrambled eggs. Ugh. It was not a happy morning for me. Back to my schedule. I wake up when mommy does, then I sleep till about 10am. At which time I begin to squirm and move. It's my mid morning aerobics :o) By the time I'm done, I'm tired so I sleep. Then I hear mommy eating lunch around 11:30. That wakes me up so I move a bit and mommy starts to feel sick. I think it's because I push on her stomach. Sorry. Well, after lunch I sleep some more and wiggle some more a little bit off and on till 4pm. By the time we pick up Codey and Mamaw and Papaws, I'm moving a little bit again. Then I sleep till about 7pm and then it's play time!!!! I poke at mommy and she pokes me back! We do this a few times and she thinks it's soooo funny. I guess it's my way of trying to make up for making her feel sick. Then after we play for 15 minutes I take another nap. Then at 10pm I wake up and remind mommy that it's time for her to go to bed so I start moving every body part I have. It's like I'm a puppeteer and mommy's the puppet. The more I move, the more she moves hee hee hee. She goes to bed and we start all over the same thing the next day. I like it in here but mommy keeps telling me I'm going to come out. I'm not sure if I want to go on that adventure but I guess I have 8 more weeks to make up my mind.....
So what is mommy and daddy doing lately? Well, mommy finished my Dr. Seuss quilt and a dust ruffle for my bed and daddy finished adding the extended oak banister to the front side of the stairs landing at the top of the stairs. He cut and sanded and polyurethaned all the wood all by himself and he put it together. It looks sooooo pretty. Er... I mean handsome or maybe its beautiful? I don't know the right word I guess but it's very very very nice and cool! Other than that, Codey splits his time between here and his mom's. Alyssa comes when she can though she is very busy and likes to hang out with her boyfriend. Mostly it's just mommy and daddy and me. But, Codey just came home so he'll be with us for 2 whole weeks. That'll be fun! Oh yea, mommy and daddy's anniversary is the 28th of this month. Awe, they've been married a whole year.....How cool. Daddy got mommy a new cell phone and a red Kitchen Aid toaster for her Kitchen Aid collection. Mommy got daddy a new cell phone and something else.....I can't say what it is in case daddy reads this. It hasn't come in the mail yet but when it does, me and mommy think he'll really like it.
***Yawn*** I'm getting tired so I'd better get going.....only 61 more days till I'm supposed to get here It's just around the corner. I'll write more later.
Love you! -Gracie.....

Only this many more days!

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