Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Cool Baby Stuff!

For those of you who are expecting or have recent new arrivals, my new FAVE website, Chic & Cheap Nursery, for all things baby is having a super cool contest!!!!

Courtesy of Chic & Cheap Nursery's ( Blogiversary, there are some VERY cool products up to win!

She will "be posting one giveaway a day*, starting tomorrow, and all of you will have the chance to win some AMAZING prizes, including an organic crib mattress, an oval crib and some seriously gorgeous wall decor. (*Excluding weekends.)"

Here is the list of giveaways for each day:

Have fun and enter, enter, ENTER!!!

It's a BOY!!!

Hello world!

My name is Eli and my Mommy and Daddy just found out that I'm a boy. Mommy had written a big long update but her computer crashed and she lost it then got really busy so as of today, we are back on line!

So, more about me. The doctor says I am still on track for entering the world on June 7th, Mommy's birthday and that I'm definitely a BOY. He asked if Mommy and Daddy wanted to know what I was going to be and they said yes. Mommy is a BIG planner. So the doc looked me over, said I was healthy and pointed out my parts and pieces. I am definitely NOT shy is what the doctor said. He also said that he would bet his house that I was a boy and to buy all the blue stuff Mommy wanted. He said he doesn't usually get such a clear picture but I was very cooperative. Mommy says that she definitely thinks I'll be an on time baby since my big sister Gracie was only born 1 day early. Mommy says that the only reason she was a day early is because she prayed really hard that she would be just 1 day early. Now Mommy is praying that I come on time. I guess we'll see!

As of right now, I am a fully formed without fat baby. In the next 4 weeks I will start to get fat accumulation under my skin but for now, I'm about as skinny as Daddy. What else can I tell you about how I look? Well, I have hair growing, like eyebrows etc. I have nails and tooth buds under my gums forming. Mommy thinks I'll look just like Daddy when I show up but Daddy says that by the ultrasound pictures I will look like another "round head" like Mommy and Gracie.

My entire formal name is Eli Allen Ratliff. Mommy told Daddy that she wanted him to pick out my name but her one request was that Daddy and I would have the same middle name. Daddy prayed about it, as all preachers do, and on October 27th, the Lord let him know to call me Eli. Daddy was really happy since Eli in the Bible was the one who raised Samuel (Hannah's special requested baby) in the temple and taught him to listen for the Lord when He called. Eli is one of Daddy's hero's. I'm feeling like I've got some big shoes to step into but I'm sure I'll do just fine with a great Daddy like mine to teach me.

When Mommy and Daddy found out (January 10th) that I would be a boy, my big sister Gracie was really excited. She had been asking for a boy baby and now she'll have one. Recently, Mommy told Gracie that they were going to the store. Gracie asked, "How come?" and Mommy replied, "Well, we need to look at clothes for Eli since when he's born, he doesn't come with any.". That was all it took for Gracie to tell the whole wide world that "E-i (Eli) needs clothes.". At this point, she has now added that I need "Big Toys" and a "Broom". I think she loves her broom so much she wants me to have one too. Sounds good to me!

My biggest sister Alyssa and big brother Codey seem pretty happy that I'm a boy too. Alyssa doesn't come over much but she's excited and since Codey lives with us he's extra excited that the basement is getting finished complete with a big room for him to move into. I am going to get his current room upstairs across from Gracie's room. Gracie loves to go by Codey's current room and say, "E-i room!" Not bad for 2 years old to remember all this stuff!

Well, that's about all for now. Mommy has another doctor appointment next Monday so I guess I'll post more next Tuesday. Only 4 more months till I get here!

Talk to you more later - Eli

Only this many more days!

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