Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess what?!?!?!

Hi everyone!

(**trumpet sounds**) Ta da! The day you have all been waiting for. The day to find out if I will be a boy or will I be a girl. So….what do you think? Do you really want to know? Are you super sure? Are you sitting down? OK, my official name that will be on my birth certificate on September 10th (or whenever I show up) 2008, will be:

Shannon Grace Ratliff………I’m a girl!!!!

So those of you who voted that I would be a boy….sorry but I’m not. Those who voted for a girl…good job being psychic or just plain lucky :o) Mommy, Daddy and Codey went to the doctor’s office today for the big ultrasound. Basically to spy on me :o) And spy on me they did! The doctor got out the big machine and put cold clear goo on Mommy’s tummy and started checking me out. I have a wonderful spine, great looking beating heart, cute face, 2 arms 2 legs and functioning hands and feet. I say functioning because I demonstrated by me waving hi to them and by flicking my feet around. Then came the other important picture. Well, did I have a surprise for them, my legs were crossed and I wasn’t uncrossing my legs for them or anyone! The doctor tried to get me to move around a bit by pressing down on Mommy’s tummy and moving the wand doodad around as Daddy and Codey watched. Still, I wasn’t going to uncross them. The doctor however was able to get a view of me from upside down kind of and make her determination from there. She pointed out my girlie parts and let them know that she was 90% sure I would be a girl. So, I cooperated but not a lot. I was trying sleep. I only woke up to wave and that was it. Then when the doc kept pushing around I finally just turned over onto my other side with my back to them. That’s when they got the point. The doc said well, I guess that’s all we get. Hey they got to check me out for a good 15 minutes and boy did she take her time! She said I looked healthy and big with no trouble spots or anything. I know this update is kind of short but me and Mommy are tired so I think I will let you go. I can’t wait to meet you all and I only have about 20 more weeks before I can! Until then, think pink! Hehehe. Mommy will attach some pictures for you to view. Much love – Baby Gracie…..

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