Friday, August 22, 2008

Get Ready, Get Set.....Here I come!!!

Hey everybody Gracie here.

In the spirit of the 2008 Olympics, I say, on your marks, get set GO!

As you can tell from the title of today's post, "Get Ready, Get Set.....Here I come!!!", this a good indication of what's going on with mommy. Watch out world, I am on my way!

Mommy went to her weekly appointment with Dr. Diaz yesterday and they listened to my heartbeat which is still very good. They measured mommy's tummy and it measures 37 centimeters because she is 37 weeks complete and they did some other measuring. At the end of the visit, Dr. Diaz said, "Well, baby could come any time now." That's right. Any day....any hour....any minute I could be coming to a world near you. Well actually, mommy is planning on having me at Riverside Hospital but I'm still coming into this world hee hee hee.

So here I sit. Waiting. Head down ready for my big entrance.....This is BORING! I have nothing to do but hiccup and stretch and practice breathing. The problem is, there is only so many times you can practice in and out, in and out when it's fluid you're practicing with. That's lame. I can't move around too much any more because I've gotten too big. Daddy keeps telling mommy he can't tell that she's gotten big (He's so sweet to her.) but I tell you what, mommy knows how big she's getting because she reminds me everyday that she's going to be skinny again when I get out. Well, what ever makes her happy. So back to me being bored. I'M BORED! My lungs are fully developed, I can blink, suck my thumb, squirm, look towards light and I can even make facial movements. Most of my time is taken up by listening to mommy talk or sing. It's a pretty boring schedule that mommy has though. She mostly sits at the computer at work and doesn't talk much since she has to be quiet there. Oh I just remembered, I can even move my fingers around and grasp stuff or slide my fingers down the inside of mommy's tummy. She giggles when I do that. It must feel weird to her. All it feels like to me is a wall. A very squishy wall....This is boring. I need some excitement. The only cool thing that's happened so far is mommy drank a little caffeine the other day. Whooo hooo! That was COOL! She can only have a little each day but she never drinks any. The other day though, she hadn't felt me move for a little while and so she drank a little Coke-a-Cola. I sure got to moving then. Today, we are practicing hiccuping. I can't figure out why this important but it must be since that's all I seem to do. It gives me a headache. Hic - hit my mead. Hic - hit my head. Ugh. Oh well. Maybe mommy's body will get the hint and start trying to evict me from this temporary home. Well, being bored makes me tired. I think I'll try and sleep and get some rest stored up for my big day.....that could come at any time.

I can't wait to see you all! I can put a name with a voice then!
Lots of love - Gracie

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