Thursday, January 31, 2008


Kevin & Audrea @ Christmas Party for church

Audrea & Kevin on Christmas at Grandma Cranes

The Ratliff cousins on Christmas Eve at Carl and Patty's.

Kevin and Audrea on Christmas Eve.

Tony, Stacy, Abby and Meghan with Santa. (Our Cousins's and BFF's)

Kevin, Audrea, Alyssa and Codey with Santa.

Alyssa and Codey at the zoo for the lights display.

Audrea and Kevin at the zoo for the lights display.

Audrea, Kevin and Codey for Thanksgiving.

Audrea and Kevin at the Chiller.

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denitaratliff said...

Hi All!! This is Denita, your cousin. It has been so long, it's hard telling if you even remember It looks like you have a really happy family...and very cute, I must say! Congratulations on the new addition. I can't wait to see photos! Well, keep in touch! Love y'all! God Bless!

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Only this many more days!

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